What Are We About?

Bright It Athleisure was created by Veeta D., a United States Army Combat Veteran. Veeta makes considerable strides in the fitness and nutrition community by showing everyone that they accomplish whatever they want in life as long as they BRING IT. EVERY.DAMN.DAY.

Bring It Athleisure is exactly what it sounds like

  • squatting 200 lbs,
  • running a marathon,
  • putting on 20lbs of muscle or cutting 30 lbs of fat,
  • hitting all your macros every day,
  • completing that 20 minutes of HIIT training, 
  • saving an extra $2,000 

The name was developed to inspire anyone to BRING IT in all aspects of life, whether it be to your fitness, family, business, or merely giving everything you've got in every facet of life.

What Are We About?

We are an athleisure and streetwear brand. Our prime goal is to help people look good and feel good. Shallow? Maybe, but we understand that the way we dress can dramatically alter our thinking and feeling. It can be the distinction between confidence and comfort. We built this company and the Bring It name to promote positivity and block all negativity to keep a lively atmosphere. 

Stay positive, work hard, and always