Ambassador Reece

Hello! About October 2019, I joined a gym that specializes in HIIT workouts to try and lose weight.  I was not happy with how I looked being a former high school/college athlete. I lost a few pounds, however, Covid hit and gained all my weight back and then some. I started having low self-esteem and lost confidence within myself. June 2020 I joined six week Thin it to Win it challenge.  I was hooked, and signed up with the same personal trainer’s customized fitness and nutrition program. In ten months, I have gone from 43.7% to 24.6% body fat and lost about 30 pounds. I was able to make a lifestyle change that has transformed my body by putting on muscle while lowering body fat. This fitness journey has helped me tremendously by boosting my self-esteem. People have come to me saying I have inspired them to workout out, and become healthier.  That has really motivated me to keep going, and I strive to help motivate others.
I became a brand ambassador because I fell in love with the brand, and truly  believe everything they stand for. It’s more than just workout gear. Bring it Athleisure brings you clothing you can wear anywhere. Once you put on your first outfit on you’re hooked because it drastically improves the way you feel. You become more confident because you look and feel great. There is nothing but positive and encouraging vibes from this brand!  Come feel phenomenal with me and save today by using my promo code Reece10.

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